Make Money with Manure


I want to inspire you to create your own manure related side business of any size. Whether you want to make a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, I’m here to guide you to success.

You can make $20 or more an hour selling horse manure that you have or get for free. You can use a car if that’s all you have. You don’t need to own land and you don’t need to do any composting. It works in the city and the country. Selling manure is an easy way to add extra income to a farm or it can be a great stand alone business.

How it works

I collect free aged horse manure from farms or stables using a car or truck. I bring it back to my house in the city and screen it. Then I bag it and sell it to gardeners using a classifieds website like Craigslist. It sounds pretty simple right? It is, and it can work almost anywhere. It takes some muscle and it won’t make you rich overnight but I believe it’s a journey worth taking.

Why should I listen to you?

I am now in my fourth year of selling manure and it’s blowing up. Last year I sold over 80 five gallon buckets full of manure, for around $400. This year I have already sold well over 90 buckets of manure! It sure beats selling lemonade! I don’t let my limitations stop me. I started selling manure using only my car. I started a business from the ground up so I know what challenges you are going to face or are already facing.

Latest Update

I am making changes to the website because I had to switch hosts, so please bear with me as I restore all the functions and content of my previous website. I will be adding an email form shortly so that you can sign up to hear about the latest blog posts, tutorials and videos.